About us

Giving or receiving a FRESH bunch/box/bouquet of flowers provides us with a lovely fuzzy feeling RIGHT? One of life’s little joys?, someone thinking of us or vice versa?

As we unwrap all that beautiful PLASTIC packaging and search for where we’ve hidden that right size vase. The anticipation of that first beautiful whiff -  then only to smell nothing. Trying to arrange them beautifully, only for them to never quite look perfectly in place. Waiting for the water to turn cloudy, stagnant and smelly . Deliberating internally when to throw them away and could we get another day out of them. Waiting too long surely ensures that pollen will ruin our clothes  or stain our  hands as we rush to squeeze them in the rubbish or compost 😂 But not to worry as we know next week we will spend another £15 doing it all over gain RIGHT? 

One of my most beautiful flower displays has been in our downstairs cloakroom for nine years as a special gift for the birth of our son. Today it is still there. It hasn’t changed and is totally beautiful and evokes so many memories.

And so our journey began creating the most exquisite faux flower displays to adorn, colour and give character to mantels, foyers, kitchen islands, bathrooms, bedrooms, little sad corners and grand dining tables of homes, luxury hotels and hospitality.

Thoughtfully, tastefully  and meticulously crafted, these little creations can be enjoyed and cherished for a lifetime. 

And because we only sell online we can offer all of our creations to you at a 50% discount to retail .

We also offer a bespoke service for weddings, celebrations and luxury hotel chains. Please contact us directly for more information.